BladeRoom North America - Outside of North America

Tier IV and Tier III Data Centers

The BladeRoom system has been designed by Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designers and meets full Tier III data center levels of resilience as standard, with sites in Europe and Australia accredited by the Uptime Institute.
Data Center Service Cassette

Tier III data center resilience allows planned maintenance with no downtime through a fully concurrently maintainable design.

Every critical system in the BladeRoom Data Center is designed as N+1 or 2N.

BladeRoom facilities also deploy additional pipe work, cable and distribution paths with bypass switching to allow the ‘hot swap’ of all key system components.

This means the facility can function at 100 percent capacity while maintenance or repair of any critical component takes place.

Data Center Air Optimiser

Tier III Data Center Design - Upgradable to Tier IV

Our Uptime accredited Tier III data centers can be upgraded to meet Tier IV requirements.

A Tier IV solution can be delivered with two fully independent plant and power management zones, each designed to provide the critical load.

This configuration offers full fault tolerance against unplanned failures.

Data center zoning can easily be used in the BladeRoom system to create areas of Tier III data center resilience with Tier IV areas as well.

Resilience levels for Tier IV and Tier III data centers can be designated in accordance with the needs of different functions within the business.