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Site Data Center Services

The BladeRoom System minimizes installation and commissioning risk, with short timeframes between the time the data centers arrive on site and when they are ready for IT installation. Site data center services will be by the general contractor, with our team working to co-ordinate these for plug-and-play installation of the data centers when they arrive on site.
Data Center being craned onto site

The BladeRoom data center and condensing units for back-up mechanical cooling will be delivered to a site fully prepared to receive them with site data center services already in place.

The site needs to be accessible by trucks and cranes of appropriate size.

The site will need to be level with foundations of sufficient structural capability to support single or multistory data center installation as required; detailed drawings will be supplied by BladeRoom to achieve this.

Depth of foundations under the piers or base will depend on existing surface conditions and how many stories are required.

Drainage provision will need to be considered at the same time that foundations and building support is planned. Waste/recycling collection points will be required for condensate from cooling coils and from the humidifier section.

Scaling of each of the incoming services will be dependent on the size of each BladeRoom installation.

The following services are required:

BladeRoom Data Center LV Switchboards

Data Center Services: Electrical Supplies

Each BladeRoom is designed to meet client-specific requirements.

We will agree with your team how you want to provide your incoming power supplies, dependent on your experience and preferences and taking into account your Tier 2, 3 or 4 requirements.

Our Uptime Institute Tier Accredited Designer mechanical and electrical services consultants can assist with this if required.

Incoming power supplies from the primary electrical infrastructure can enter the power management zone through a dedicated service hatch in the floor, meaning all services can be securely buried underground in ducts with nothing left exposed. Alternatively, mains data center services can be brought in at a high level through dedicated fireproof service ways.

Back-up power generation and UPS will be discussed to decide how you prefer to have these designed. For example, you may favor centralized external UPS or, if you would prefer, BladeRoom can incorporate battery UPS within the power management rooms.

The BladeRoom system is extremely flexible, and able to connect to any type of UPS or generator system you prefer.


Data Center Services: Telecoms cables

We will agree where and how you wish to provide a “meet-me” area for fiber in/out of the BladeRoom facilities.

As with the power supplies, the telecoms cables can be brought into the data center either through the floor or at high level, with multiple entry points possible for resilient sites.

All entry points are fire-rated and sealed against air leakage from the BladeRoom Data Center.

Data Center Evaporative Cooler

Data Center Services: Cold water supply

A potable mains water supply at 2bar will be required for the evaporative coolers in the Air Optimizer.

Typically this will be a 15mm (1/2”) connection.

Water entry into the BladeRoom facility is kept contained within the Air Optimizers, well away from the technical IT space, with no risk whatsoever to the data hall.

The water supplies are standard mains connections for most sites, without the requirement for an RO plant or further treatment of the water; this results in significant cost savings in incoming water data center services.


Data Center Services: Drainage

A trapped gully or similar means of connecting to drainage will be required to allow disposal of condensate and humidifier blow down.

As with the incoming water supplies, drainage for condensate and blow down are confined entirely to the Air Optimizers, well away from the IT space.

These drainage points are typical non-foul water drainage, making the on-site drainage connections as simple as possible.

Fire Suppression Containment

Data Center Services: Connections to Central Site Points

Each BladeRoom Data Center contains a fire system inclusive of VESDA and independent smoke detection.

These systems will maintain each BladeRoom as a separate and secure fire zone, able to incorporate a gas suppression system or connect to a central sprinkler plant.

Connections can be made between the BladeRoom fire panels and a central site fire system.

The BladeRoom monitoring system includes touchscreens for monitoring within each BladeRoom, as well as connections available for external monitoring.

A connection can be made from the BladeRoom monitoring system to the central site monitoring station, and an external connection made available for remote secure login to view the data center in operation from anywhere in the world.

If an external connection is provided, BladeRoom's Technical Operations Team will happily monitor your site from our Remote Operations Center.