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Low Data Center Maintenance Costs

Data center maintenance costs are extremely low with the BladeRoom system. The energy-efficient design has been based around readily available universal components and the monitoring system allows close management of the maintenance process with reduced requirements for engineering call-outs.
Maintenance of the Evaporative Cooler

Savings Through Components and Spares Service

The BladeRoom system has a minimal number of moving parts - a key feature in bringing data center maintenance costs down.

A large site can be served by a small critical spares pack of standard components that allow for quick replacement without the associated risk of long replacement leadtimes.

Designed to a Tier 3 level of redundancy, major components can be ‘hot swapped’ without affecting operations, thus allowing data center maintenance to be carried out extremely efficiently.

BladeRoom has a full spares support service available through our Technical Operations team, with a detailed database of all critical spares required.

Our team can support your data center by supplying critical spares for replacement and supporting your team should you decide to purchase spares directly from the manufacturer.

Data Center BMS Fan Summary Screen

Data Center Maintenance Cost Savings Through the BladeRoom Remote Monitoring System

The integrated control system and remote monitoring system tightly control the operation of every critical item of plant while providing real-time operational updates.

This allows genuinely proactive data center maintenance and the ability to solve problems before they occur, reducing the amount of required engineering man-hours.

The monitoring interface can be accessed from anywhere in the world (following a secure login) and will provide live updates on PUE, operational performance and CCTV observation through an easy-to-navigate graphical interface.

Engineers can monitor the BladeRoom Data Center remotely thus allowing fast response times to alarms generated by the monitoring system.

This enables our clients to have a portfolio of data centers around the world, monitoring from central locations for reduced operational overheads.

BladeRoom's Technical Operations team is always on hand to support clients from our technical operations center, just a phone call away to provide support.

If a connection is provided, our Technical Operations team can remotely monitor your data center to provide pro-active advice and delve into live operational information to give advice and support to minimize the need for expensive engineering call-outs.

Pages for the BladeRoom Data Center Maintenance Manual

Savings Through Operational Training and Support

Engineering callouts are rarely required; BladeRoom provides detailed step-by-step manuals with photos for the replacement of every component, and a structured training course on operation of the BladeRoom Data Centers.

The BladeRoom Operators and Maintenance Manuals (developed over the last four years) are worldclass and make running the data center clear and uncomplicated.

Pages from the BladeRoom Data Center Operators Manual

Our training program supports this documentation, providing detailed walkthroughs of all activities, with enough detail to allow your team to train other staff in the operation of the data center.

Once a BladeRoom Data Center is handed over, the after-sales support begins, and our Technical Operations team is just a phone call away to assist in any questions you may have.