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Electrical Infrastructure

Depending on the current available services at your site, and the resilience rating you are looking to achieve, further power infrastructure may be required to support your data center.
Data Center Hot Zone Services

BladeRoom Data Centers are delivered to site with all internal electrical distribution already installed and ready for rapid connection to incoming power supplies, whether from an existing site set-up or a new dedicated power infrastructure.

Dual busbars are provided along the length of the cold zone with tap-off units to each of the A & B busbars located in the cold aisles above the racks.

The A & B busbars in each cold aisle accept tap-off units at any point along their length that connect to rack-mounted power strips. This allows complete flexibility of IT power across the racks, with high-, medium- and low-power racks able to be located anywhere in each rack row.

The system is extremely flexible and is able to connect to any configuration of electrical infrastructure, the only proviso being the resilience you are looking to achieve.

BladeRoom Data Center Australia

Tier Resilience

The BladeRoom system can be provided to any required Tier rating. However, in order for the whole site to achieve a certain Tier rating, the external power infrastructure would need to be designed and installed to a matching Tier rating.

BladeRoom Data Centers in Australia and Europe have already been accredited as Tier 3 by the Uptime Institute, with further BladeRooms able to easily achieve accreditation as long as the external infrastructure is compliant.

The following BladeRoom incoming power, UPS and generator configurations should be adhered to meet Uptime Institute Tier specifications:

Tier 2:

  • Single UPS-backed power distribution path
  • UPS - Configured to N+1
  • Generators - Configured to N+1

Tier 3:

  • Dual power distribution paths, at least one of which must be UPS-backed
  • UPS - Configured to N+1
  • Generators - Configured to N+1

Tier 4:

  • Dual power distribution paths, both UPS-backed
  • UPS - Configured to 2N
  • Generators - Configured to 2N (or alternative fault tolerant solution)