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Permanent Mission-Critical Facilities, Not Container Data Centers

The BladeRoom modular data center system is not a container data center approach; the system is built to provide a 60-year design life with the robustness and durability of a traditional data center, but delivered in a fraction of the time.

The BladeRoom system has all the benefits of a container data center, with a data center design that is scalable and transportable anywhere in the world.

However, unlike a container data center, the BladeRoom system is designed to fully meet building regulations and has a 60-year design life structure capable of multistory configurations, without the need for additional strengthening.

BladeRoom Data Center - External - Metronode

Constructed from specially designed and manufactured steel frames, the modules allow generous space for wide air zones, high ceilings and unparalleled engineering and data center maintenance access. In addition to the ‘traditional construction’ attributes of robustness, space, and multistory capability, a BladeRoom data center can flex in size when required, and may be relocated when necessary.


Unlike a container data center, BladeRoom modular data centers are compliant with building regulations. They allow greenfield sites to be developed without the need for a large shed to house the facilities, and offer truly scalable data centers.

The standard BladeRoom wall system provides excellent fire ratings with high insulation values; a high security wall system can optionally be included to offer an SR4 security rating.