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Modular Data Center Growth

The subject of a family of international patents pending and granted, the BladeRoom system makes data center growth fast and flexible, able to closely match IT demand with a just-in-time approach. Data center growth can be made with a single purchase order, without the typical design time and expense of a traditional approach, thus enabling the procurement of data centers in the same way as IT.
The BladeRoom IT Room

Modular data center growth can take place while existing facilities remain fully operational, making it possible to increase the number of racks, IT capacity or data center resilience when required without interruption to operation.

A traditional bricks-and-mortar approach to data center growth may have lead times of up to two years, with the needs of organizations often changing before the data center is operational.

The BladeRoom modular data center system offers users the flexibility and agility to respond to changes in requirements quickly, by increasing the number of IT racks or cooling capacity, and/or growing the entire facility growing to meet current demands.

Live modular data center growth is enabled by the controls and cooling distribution systems, which are designed to connect with additional IT rooms, power management rooms, and Air Optimizers, allowing seamless data center growth with zero downtime.

The BladeRoom being installed onto site

This allows modular data center growth to closely match business demand, expanding in small or large increments without putting live mission-critical facilities at risk.

In this way, BladeRoom offers the lowest possible risk and the most efficient return on capital employed for data center growth.