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Medium and Small Data Centers

The inherent scalability of the BladeRoom System can provide large, medium or small data centers to suit requirements and match future to IT demand. Providing space from 10 to hundreds of racks, a medium- or small-sized data center can serve the requirements of many commercial organizations, government departments, hospitals, universities and telecoms nodes/cable landing stations.
small data center installation

Individual medium or small data centers can start at 10 racks and, at a pace to suit your specific needs, additional IT rooms can be added to increase capacity while the data center remains in live operation.

The power and cooling systems are scalable to match the data center as it grows. Capacity can start as low as 100kW of cooling and keep on growing up to large data center campuses.

By starting with a small data center and growing it in line with requirements, the minimum day one capital cost is achieved with no wasted capital on building speculatively.

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High Density Small Data Centers

An ideal application of small data centers is high-density computing, with BladeRoom providing an energy efficient system that meets the needs of today's high-density IT.

BladeRoom modular data centers can seamlessly cope with a range of densities from 1kW to well in excess of 30kW per rack.

Individual IT racks can be loaded in excess of 50+kW per high-density IT rack, and the BladeRoom control system will automatically provide the right amount of cooling to where it is needed.

The benefit of the BladeRoom cooling system is that there is no specialist requirement for high-density areas in a data center.

You can have a mixed-density complex, mixed-density aisles, and mixed-density racks within each aisle without any complication. The control system will automatically take care of the cooling load by assessing temperature, humidity, and airflow rate.

With the system so efficient at lower IT loads as well, it is possible to size for a future high-density requirement, but still achieve the lowest PUE's within the data center at current rack densities.


Site Flexibility - Medium and Small Data Centers

Individual medium or small data centers can be sited on any open space, as well as being placed in courtyards, on roofs or gantries, and in infill sections of existing buildings.

This allows you to fully utilize an existing site without having to invest in new property.

The transportability of the system lends itself well to remote telecoms node sites and cable landing stations, where a medium or small BladeRoom Data Center can be rapidly installed and operated remotely through the detail monitoring system.

Scalability from tens to hundreds of racks makes the BladeRoom modular data center system an ideal low-cost start-up solution for small- to medium-sized data center needs.

Typical users of this size facility would be Universities, or business users serving their own internal requirements. Larger users such as colocation providers may use a smaller BladeRoom data center as a separate secure facility within a complex of large modular data centers.