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Maximizing IT Capacity within Data Center Power Constraints

With a PUE of just 1.09, the BladeRoom system allows you to make the best use of available data center power on site, minimizing power required for support systems and maximizing the potential IT load.

Inefficient data centers with a PUE of 2 or more allow less than 50 per cent of available site data center power to be allocated to IT, with the remaining data center power consumed by supporting systems.

Maximizing the available data center power for IT within a power-constrained site is essential.

Data Center DX Condensing Units

Maximizing IT Capacity With BladeRoom

Because the BladeRoom system requires mechanical server room cooling less than one per cent of the year, it is possible to remove condensing units from mains power and run them on generators for the brief time they are required.

With the BladeRoom system, over 80 percent of available site power can be dedicated to IT capacity, allowing you to increase the potential IT capacity of your data center site without the need to acquire additional data center power from the grid.

This provides the best possible return on investment for a site, allowing data center growth on existing sites without the time and expense of upgrading site power, making some sites that were previously lacking power viable for immediate data center deployment.