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Large Data Centers

The BladeRoom system is ideally suited to delivering large data center installations of thousands of racks in either single or multistory formats, using a scalable approach to growth thus deferring huge amounts of capital investment until it is required for enormous savings.
Hot zone security within data center

Large-scale modular data centers offer an extremely efficient and flexible way to develop large greenfield sites.

Using modular data centers, it is not necessary to invest huge amounts of capital in developing a large data center facility, instead a smaller data center can be provided to meet the initial requirement with capacity scaled up in line with business growth.

This approach is particularly attractive to third-party providers, removing a lot of the risk of large capital outlays with little return until the space is occupied.

Instead, the nature of quick-build data centers allows additional modular data centers to be ordered and made operational in as little as 14 weeks once new business has been gained.

The Data Center from outside

Large Data Centers - Scalable Growth at the Lowest Possible Cost

Controlled capital growth is possible by expanding modular data centers over many years, and drip-feeding capital.

As the growth of the large data center itself can be rationalized, so too can the site infrastructure.

Investment in power infrastructure and site services can also be deferred and brought online in an economic and structured process that will match the growth of the large data center.

Typically, primary electrical infrastructure and site services would be provided by others, and would be designed in modular blocks/pods to allow growth to match that of the modular data centers.

Using this approach minimizes risk, and investment in new data centers can often be paid for by the revenue from the expansion in the case of colocation data centers.


Future Growth and Cost Savings

Our team will work with you to establish a BladeRoom product that meets the needs of your large data center development, specified to the kW density, resilience and local code requirements.

Once a product has been specified, future BladeRooms can be procured through a single purchase order, thus removing enormous amounts of design time and expense for future growth on the same site, or even in different regions into which you may wish to expand.