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Low-, Medium- & High-Density IT Racks

A range of average rack densities, from 1kW per rack to beyond 30kW per rack can be delivered in a BladeRoom data center, with any individual racks over 50kW, enabling the provision of low, medium or high density IT racks - or a combination of all three within the same facility.

The patent-pending BladeRoom cooling system allows for low-, medium- or high-density IT racks without additional cooling equipment or special provisions required.

A rack can start at a very low density and be filled over time to beyond 50kW per rack without any loss of efficiency, offering real future-proofing and flexibility as technology moves towards higher-density IT rack set-ups.

BladeRoom Data Centers can be scaled up or down in size to closely match business demand and the required number of racks and IT capacity, allowing any facility to change from a low- to medium- to high-density center throughout its operational life.

IT Room with heat emulators

High-Density IT racks

The BladeRoom system has been rigorously tested and proven to achieve densities over 30kW per rack using 100 percent free air cooling, something that has not previously been achieved.

As there is enormous diversity in peak loads of the individual servers, the dynamic entrainment of ambient air is sufficient to cool the servers in all but the most extreme external conditions.

In such conditions, the standby cooling system will be used when called for by the controls, albeit rarely (less than one percent of the annual operating cycle in temperate climates).