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Green Data Center Benefits

BladeRoom is a highly sustainable and green data center system. It offers significant green data center advantages over a traditional facility throughout the operational lifecycle. A 1MW BladeRoom Data Center in California for example, will reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 29,000 tons over a 10-year period compared with a traditional PUE 2 data center.
Inside the BladeRoom Data Center Assembly Facility

Green Data Center Benefits of the Assembly Process

The off-site assembly approach to building a green data center offers a very sustainable alternative to site-based data center production:

  • Materials are factory controlled so waste is dramatically reduced. A centralized production facility reduces transport and vehicle movements and associated CO2 emissions
  • Dust, noise, and other pollution associated with site works is almost entirely eliminated
  • Speed of production cannot be matched by traditional methods
  • The efficiency of the process makes achieving LEED and BREEAM certifications easier for sites

Operational Green Data Center Benefits

With a fully tested and proven data center PUE of 1.09 in many countries, the BladeRoom green data center dramatically reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions compared to other data centers of a similar size.

In comparison with a 1MW PUE 2 facility, it can reduce carbon emission savings up to 26,000 tons over a 10-year period, and reduce cooling energy costs by over 90 percent making it a truly green data center. (Based on University of California research: 1kWh = 0.66lbs of CO2)

In addition to reducing operating costs, these savings provide a competitive advantage when compliance with environmental legislation such as carbon trading schemes and climate change levies is required.

The BladeRoom Data Center Modules being transported

End of Site Requirement Green Data Center Benefits

When a site is no longer required, the entire green data center can simply be relocated to another location, making the BladeRoom system a re-deployable, truly sustainable data center asset.