BladeRoom North America - Outside of North America

Environmental Policy

BladeRoom Group Limited and its subsidiaries (the ‘Group’) attaches the highest priority to the protection of the environment and the health and safety of its employees, customers, neighbors, and others who may come into contact with, or be affected by, our operations and products.

As a Group, we are therefore committed to providing outstanding products and services within a framework that balances economic, environmental and social factors. As part of that commitment, the Group shall operate an environmental management system that meets the internationally recognized environmental standard, ISO 14001.

It is our policy to:

  • Ensure employees, workers, and contractors act in accordance with this policy and the Group’s Environmental Management System
  • Ensure all employees and workers have the relevant competences to fulfill their environmental responsibilities
  • Consider environmental opportunities in our products and services
  • Ensure that pollution through accidental emissions or effluent discharges are prevented
  • Reduce waste and material usage ensuring unavoidable waste is reused or recycled wherever possible, and in all other cases disposed responsibly according to legislative requirements
  • Monitor and seek to reduce resources usage
  • Ensure the environment performance of our suppliers is assessed and that buying decisions take into consideration environmental impacts
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation, directives and regulations
  • Set and monitor environmental objectives and targets, and continually strive to improve our environmental performance
  • Foster a sense of responsibility for the environment amongst our employees and workers