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Zoned Data Center Solutions

The BladeRoom system makes zoned data center solutions simple, allocating data center space to areas of specific rack numbers, densities, security, or resilience.

BladeRoom Data Centers are configured from standard elements: IT rooms and Air Optimizers.

These can be used to configure independent data centers of varying average density, resilience, security or size to provide sensible zoned data center solutions on a larger site.

This makes the system ideal for a flexible colocation data center, with clients able to be segregated into areas of different security and densities of IT equipment within the same space without the need to plan ahead.

Because of the flexible nature of the BladeRoom system these facilities can be upgraded at a later date on either a planned or reactive basis.

Zoned data center solutions of BladeRooms can take place in the following ways:


Zoned Data Center Solutions: Resilience

A large site may comprise multiple BladeRoom Data Centers, with each tailored to a client's specific resilience requirements.

Adding an additional Air Optimizer to a BladeRoom Data Center will increase resilience from a Tier 3 to Tier 4 data center.

In this way, separate high-resilience areas can be created for clients with increased resilience requirements.


Zoned Data Center Solutions: kW Density

The configuration on site could incorporate individual areas dedicated to specific densities. For example, high-density rooms with racks in excess of 30kW average load for high-volume activities.

The significance of the BladeRoom design is that this does not have to be a planned activity.

If there is demand for a high-density area, you simply install the high-density IT, and as long as the overall capacity of the data center is not exceeded, the system will dynamically adjust to match.

Low, Medium & High Density Zoned Aisles

Security Access to the IT Room

Zoned Data Center Solutions: Security

For specific areas where physical security may be an issue, particularly in colocation data centers, separate areas can be created to serve a specific need or client.

The BladeRoom Data Center can be fitted off site with additional high-security panels, barsets in the louvers, and secure external doors to harden the exterior.

Internally, the data centers can be secured with access control to each IT room for segregation.