BladeRoom North America - Outside of North America

Data Center UPS Options

BladeRoom data centers can be connected to any preferred external UPS system. Alternatively, an integrated data center UPS battery system can be incorporated.

External UPS system

Any data center UPS system, including Diesel rotary, flywheel technology, rotary hybrid, static or Super Cap UPS systems can be connected to a BladeRoom facility.

Any UPS system can be used as long as it matches the specified Tier requirements of the BladeRoom Data Center:

  • Tier 2: Single UPS-backed power distribution path - UPS configured to N
  • Tier 3: Dual A and B distribution paths, (at least one UPS-backed) - UPS configured to N+1
  • Tier 4: Dual A and B UPS-backed distribution paths - UPS configured to 2N

Integrated UPS system

If required, an integrated battery based data center UPS system can be provided within the BladeRoom Data Center’s power management room.

This provides a number of potential advantages over using an external system:

  • Improved security and access control to the UPS
  • Reduced overall site footprint
  • Reduced program risk
  • Reduced cabling runs