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Data Center Monitoring

An advanced data center monitoring system offers unprecedented live tracking of your data center from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This enables truly proactive facilities management and reduces data center maintenance costs.
DX monitoring Data Center

Remotely accessed, following a secure login, the data center monitoring system provides live updates on all key performance data through an easy-to-navigate graphical interface.

Designed specifically for the BladeRoom system, the interface is extremely intuitive, providing crucial high-level, user-specific information, with the ability to drill down into the detail of the smallest component.

The system is an open protocol design, able to seamlessly link into other operational monitoring systems on an existing site, with users able to tailor how information is recorded and reported to suit businesses needs.

Data Center Romte Monitoring

Global Monitoring of Data Centers

The monitoring system enables monitoring of multiple data centers around the globe, and is designed to extend and monitor additional BladeRoom data centers.

This allows clients to monitor every BladeRoom Data Center across the world from a single monitoring center, minimizing staffing requirements and giving peace of mind on the operation of a global network of data centers.

This capability also allows BladeRoom Group to monitor the data center from our central remote operations center, offering world-class support from our engineering team to your operations and maintenance.