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Data Center Maintenance

Data center maintenance is made easy with spacious dedicated maintenance areas, quick-disconnect universal components, and a concurrently maintainable Tier 3 or Tier 4 design.
Data Center Actuators

Maintenance is remarkably easy with the BladeRoom system, allowing continuous operation during any planned data center maintenance.

The design employs minimal moving parts to keep ongoing maintenance costs low, and detailed maintenance manuals show how each component should be replaced to minimize (and in many cases eliminate) the need for engineer callouts.

Quick-disconnecting, plug-and-play components allow all data center maintenance to be conducted quickly and safely while in live operation by one or two people.

All components are universal items, keeping lead times short and allowing spares packs to be easily re-supplied.

These components can be either supplied by BladeRoom Group, or procured directly from the manufacturers.

In either case, BladeRoom's Technical Operations team will support you with a detailed spares database able to track components and make sure critical spares are always available.

Data Center Monitoring

Your facilities management team will always be just a phone call away from our engineers in the Technical Operations Team, who will be able to provide over the phone support for all data center maintenance activities.

When you provide us access privileges, we can dial into your remote monitoring system from our Remote Operations Center. This enables us to provide even more detailed support and advice based on live information from the operational data center.