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Reduced Operational Overheads

An empirically proven low PUE that offers industry leading data center energy savings across the full IT load range provides significant reductions in operating costs, even if the data center is underpopulated. Reductions in cooling costs of as much as 90 percent can be achieved compared to a typical PUE 2 data center.

The BladeRoom system is highly efficient. It minimizes power consumption and offers enormous data center energy savings by providing most of the cooling requirement through highly filtered ambient external air.

Further low-energy cooling is achieved through the adiabatic cooling section of the Air Optimizers, thus providing both humidity control and cooling using almost zero energy.

Offering a proven PUE as low as 1.09 including all electrical losses, the BladeRoom system can result in over 80 percent savings on cooling costs and carbon use against a benchmark modern efficient data center with a PUE of 1.5.

Even greater data center energy savings of as much as 90 percent are made compared to typical data centers with PUEs of 2.0 or more, with incredibly short payback periods of just a few years if clients switch from an older data center to a BladeRoom Data Center.

San Francisco, California

DX Condensing Units Installed on Site

To meet current standards of data center resilience it is essential that you have a totally resilient system for emergency or extreme weather scenarios while still maintaining the best possible data center energy savings.

The BladeRoom system has back-up mechanical cooling which is N+1 and fully maintainable while live; this is in line with Tier 3 requirements, even though it will be rarely used (under one percent of the year in temperate climates).


The following graph compares the data center energy consumption of a PUE 1.09 BladeRoom Data Center with two others of a more typical design (a PUE 1.5 and a PUE 2), both Tier 3 at 1MW IT load and in the same geographical location (in this example San Francisco, California):

BladeRoom Energy Savings for San Francisco