BladeRoom North America - Outside of North America

Data Center Construction - Off-Site Assembly

With data center construction taking place in a tightly controlled assembly facility, BladeRoom Data Centers require little on-site time to be made operational.

The off-site assembly process has many advantages over traditional data center construction; it:

  • Reduces risk
  • Provides fixed-cost certainty
  • Allows tighter quality control when manufacturing and commissioning high-specification, mission-critical data centers

Our modular data center construction process enables us to deliver data centers to different specifications to suit specific client requirements with the minimum design time. We are also able to produce very large modular data centers in short time frames.


The BladeRoom Assembly Facility

Data center construction takes place in a brightly lit, dust-free environment, spacious enough to allow the in-situ testing and commissioning of BladeRoom Data Centers.

Quality control is improved as electrical systems, BMS, fire and data center cooling systems are comprehensively tested in the off-site assembly facility before BladeRoom Data Centers are delivered to site for final connections and further testing to ensure optimal operation.

The BladeRoom Data Center Factory - UK

Totally unaffected by the elements, scrupulously clean, and manned by a consistent and experienced labor force, the assembly facility is an ideal environment in which to build critical IT facilities. This helps to reduce the risk associated with traditional data center construction and fit-out through partial off-site commissioning and services/control system testing.

Cameras within the BladeRoom assembly facility allow our clients to log in over IP to view the live progress of the assembly of their data centers, providing complete peace of mind wherever our clients are in the world.