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Building a Data Center - The Green Approach

The off-site assembly approach to building a data center offers a sustainable alternative to site-based data center construction and a more resource-efficient way to produce green data center facilities.
Inside the BladeRoom Assembly Facility

In our production facility, materials are tightly controlled and waste is dramatically reduced when building a data center.

Many of the engineering parts that make up the BladeRoom Data Center are universal components; they are easy to source, mass produced and readily available.

By using a central production facility, heavy vehicle movements and associated CO2 emissions are dramatically reduced compared to a traditional approach to building a data center.

Inside the Assembly Facility 2

The assembly approach allows deliveries to be made to the assembly facility in bulk from local suppliers, minimizing transport and enabling the efficient manufacture of green data centers.

Once complete, the entire BladeRoom Data Center can be deployed in extremely short timeframes following delivery.

Production takes place in a clean, controlled environment, with only a fraction of the building program taking place on the client’s site.

The reduction in noise, pollution and security concerns help rationalize operational risk to facilities already live on a site during installation of the new data center.