BladeRoom North America - Outside of North America

Back-Up Server Room Cooling

The BladeRoom system primarily uses ambient air with supplementary evaporative cooling. Back-up mechanical server room cooling, sized to cool 100 percent of the IT load is available at Tier 3 resilience, thus providing the ultimate resilience.
The Data Center Vesda System

The back-up mechanical cooling system provides server room cooling on the rare occasions when outside air conditions are too hot and humid.

The back-up server room cooling is also engaged when the system is in emergency recirculation mode, when there is a fire inside or contaminated outside air or smoke is detected (by the VESDA system) entering the data center.


High-Resilience Server Room Cooling

In a temperate climate, a BladeRoom Data Center uses mechanical server room cooling for less than one percent of the year.

To maintain resilience during recirculation mode the mechanical cooling system has N+1 components and distribution paths.

Because the BladeRoom system rarely requires mechanical cooling, it is possible to remove condensing units from the mains power and run them on generators for the brief time they are required. This enables more site power to be dedicated to IT and reduces the cost of the site power, electrical infrastructure, and the incoming HV supply, further improving efficiency and sustainability.